Level: 27

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Esteldin

Start: Dagoras

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Stip, a fell danger besets Esteldín. A monstrous breed of spider has built a nest south of Esteldín, spawning more of their ilk to waylay travellers and ambush my kindred.

'Such nests are usually dominated by a single spider-queen. I want you to venture into the lair and kill the Kingsfell Spider-queen, before they become too great a threat for us to manage.

'These creatures have been servants of the Enemy for time out of mind. They cannot be allowed to spread their evil.'

A monstrous breed of spider has built a nest south of Esteldín, threatening the security of the outpost's inhabitants.

1. The Kingsfell Spider-queen is somewhere in the spider-lair south of Esteldín.

Dagoras has asked you to slay the queen of the spiders who threaten his people, thereby lessening the danger posed by the foul creatures.

2. Dagoras is at Esteldín.

You should return to Dagoras and inform him that you have slain the spider-queen.


Although not listed as a group quest, you *may* need help with the Queen. She's a boss.

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