Level: 13

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'I have been thinking, (name). After all the trouble with Starkath over the bow, I don't believe I am worthy of it...especially since I could not even hold onto it.

'Please go back to Penglir and explain why I can't accept his bow. He may still be at Duillond to the south of Gondamon.

'I am a disappointment to my own folk and to the honour of Penglir's gift'

After allowing Starkath to take the bow from him, Celairant is now certain that he is not worthy of the Elvish weapon.

Penglir is at Duillond, south-east of Gondamon.

Celairant asked you to return to Penglir at Duillond and explain why he feels unworthy to bear the bow, having lost it once already to the dwarf-brigand Starkath.


Related Quests:
A Remarkable Bow

The Elf-Sword


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Celairant is located at Thrasi's Lodge


Penglir is located in Duillond, on the raised platform area

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