Level: 09

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Tuckborough

Start: Belco Brockhouse

Bestowal Dialogue:
'You see them coneys running all over my garden there? Since all them holes appeared in my stone fences, I can't keep the devils out. I've been wanting to gather up some new field stones to patch them up, but haven't found the time yet to do it.

'There's a great big willow down the hill and to the south-east, directly south of Longo Burrow's farm -- you can find many stones o' different sizes down there. Bring me a variety o' them, if you would. Never know what I'll need to patch the fences!

'Hurry along now, or I'll be giving the Writ to the coneys!'

Belco Brockhouse found a copy of the Founding Writ of the Shire, but will not give it up until he has received some services in return.

Field stones can be found south of Longo Burrow's farm near the big willow. Belco lives north-west of the willow, on the upper slopes of Tuckborough.

Belco Brockhouse's fences need mending, and he has asked you to gather stones from the field for him to use in patching them.



Related Quests:



All of the stones can be found in this general area


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