Level: 12

Difficulty: Solo


Start:Chief Watcher Grimbriar

Bestowal Dialogue:
'My job is to guard Bree. I don't have the men to waste patrolling the countryside, but of late I've had reports of brigand-raids near and around the town. I need someone to look into these rumours, and I've coin to spare for anyone willing to help.'

'There've always been a few outlaws in the hills and dales north of town, but it seems that recently they've grown both more numerous and more bold. If you can find out what is going on, it would be appreciated. Careful though. Once these outlaws would flee any armed man, but now they are more prone to attack without warning.

'There are brigand camps throughout the hills north-west of town, you just have to go and find them.'

Chief Grimbriar wants you to investigate the brigands of the Bree-fields, who have become better organized and more dangerous of late.

1. The brigands make their camps all throughout the hills north-west of Bree.

Chief Watcher Grimbriar has asked you to investigate the increased brigand activity. Beyond the general area to look, he has little guidance to give you.

2. Chief Watcher Grimbriar can be found in front of Town Hall in the south-east corner of Bree.

Grimbriar sent you to find evidence explaining the sudden organization of the various brigand bands. In your investigation, you found a medallion upon the body of one of the brigands, which might interest the Chief Watcher.

Brigands are found all over. Any of them should drop the medallion. I found mine on a Brigand at a farm noted on the map.

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Southern Poachers (brigand)


Chief Watcher Grimbriar in the Bree Town Hall

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