Level: 14

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Breeland

Start: Saeradan

Bestowal Dialogue:
'I have received new orders from Aragorn, my chieftain. I am supposed to somehow put a stop to Sharkey's plans here in Bree-land myself...with the support of people like you, of course.

'First, we must deal with their leadership, as well as learn their plans. The brigands have established an encampment they call Brigands' Watch, almost due north of Adso's camp. It is likely that the leader of these brigands keeps correspondance of some kind from Sharkey. Search the brigand-captain's tent and bring me any letters, notes, or other correspondance you find.

'Expect a fight. I doubt the brigands will let you search their camp at your leisure.'

Sharkey's Men have holed up in a camp they call Brigands' Watch. Saeradan wants you to go there and gather information about Sharkey and his plans.

Brigands' Watch sits on a hill north of Adso's camp near the Old Forest. If you find any information at the Watch, bring it back to Saeradan at his cabin east of Thornley's farm in the Bree-fields.

Saeradan has instructed you to search the tent of the brigand-captain at Brigands' Watch to find any correspondance from Sharkey that may divulge information about his plans.



Related Quests:


Saeradan's Shoulder Guards


The chest. Theres a path up to the west of the objective.


Start your path up around here.



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