Level: 13

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'I have a spy among the brigands who may be helpful in divining the true nature of this Sharkey. I will send him a message instructing him to come to a certain hill not far from here. Meet him there by night and ask him about Sharkey and his plans.

'The meeting place is by a grey rock in a small stand of trees directly north of Bree-town.

'If my spy has no news to share, we will need to find another means of learning Sharkey's plans.'

Disturbed by the contents of the note you found, Saeradan has set you the task of ferreting out the elusive and mysterious Sharkey.

1. Saeradan's spy will meet you at night by a grey rock in a stand of trees, north of Bree-town.

Saeradan has sent you to meet a spy he infiltrated into the ranks of the brigands, in hopes that he will reveal information about Sharkey and his plans.

2. Saeradan remains at his cabin east of Thornley's fields.

The spy's notes further supported the brigand's letter, verifying that Sharkey is no brigand himself, but an influential man of the south. Saeradan should be warned.


Once you find the informer and speak to him, four brigands will attack the informer. You will need to get the brigands to attack you in order to keep the informer alive.


Related Quests:


Saeradan's Bow OR Saeradan's Trousers OR Saeradan's Iron Bracelet


Brigand Informer. Only appears at night



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