Level: 15

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Bree

Start: Seward Proudfoot outside the Prancing Pony.

Bestowal Dialogue:
I've been meaning to prepare a delicious breakfast for the guards of the town as a sign of my appreciation, but wouldn't you know it? I've gone and lost my recipe-book! And I told some of them that today they'd be having eggs and onions and biscuits, courtesy of old Seward...I don't want to let them down!

If you know a good cook, I'd really appreciate it if you could bring me five servings of eggs and onions and five hard biscuits. That will be enough to serve a good breakfast for the guards, I think!

I'll pay you for your trouble, of course!

Seward Proudfoot wants to provide breakfast for the guards of the town of Bree as a token of his appreciation.

Collect 5 Eggs and Onions Collect 5 Hard Biscuits

Seward Proudfoot is outside The Prancing Pony, in the town of Bree.

Seward Proudfoot promised some guards he would cook them a breakfast of eggs and onions and hard biscuits, but can't find his recipe-book. He has asked you to find a cook willing to prepare the food and will pay you for the trouble if you bring it to him.

Get a Cook to make the ingredients or check the Auction Hall. Hard Biscuits are also frequently dropped or found in chests, backpacks, etc.

This is the only sure source of Sweet Lobelia Seeds in the game, so take the seeds and save them until they fix farming.

Related Quests:

1s 80c AND 6 Complete Hobbit Breakfast

6 Sweet Lobelia Seed OR 4 Rowan Wood


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