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Bestowal Dialogue:
'Master Elrond sent a scout into the mountains to watch the activities of the giants while Gailthin is in Ered Luin. At present, Gwaemithrin is encamped at the small outpost our Dwarf-visitors have established north of Imladris.

'Bring Gwaemithrin word of your adventures in Arifael's vale and of the hostile giants there and lend her what assistance you may.

'The dwarf-camp is north and east of Rivendell. Take the hillside path north through the hills and look to your left as you climb above the snow line.'

Concerned about hostile giant activity in the Misty Mountains, Ringhul has sent you to meet with a scout in the highlands north of Rivendell.

Find and speak with Gwaemithrin.

Talk to Gwaemithrin at Gloin's Camp
The scout Gwaemithrin is in the highlands north and east of Rivendell at a camp established by the Dwarves.

Ringhul has asked you to assist Gwaemithrin with her investigation into the doings of the giants of the Misty Mountains.

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