Level: 10

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Stock Outskirts

Start: Hammy Maggot

Bestowal Dialogue:
'These strangers are a real problem hereabouts. I'm pretty sure they've been stealing food from the local farms, and it's just a matter of time before they cause worse trouble than that.

'That girl Violet probably went that way and found trouble, so I think you should deal with those ruffians. Maybe they'll take the hint and move back to wherever it is they came from.

'The ruffians -- brigands like as not -- are camped not far west of here. Their camp is on the heights of Narrowcleeve, south past a waterfall. It looks dangerous but you can ford the stream just before the cascade goes over the cliff.'

Farmer Maggot's son Hammy is concerned about the continued presence of the ruffians west of his farm.

1. The ruffians' camp is west of Bamfurlong. You must ford a stream at the top of a waterfall to enter the camp, which is set on the heights at Narrowcleeve.

Farmer Maggot's son Hammy has asked you to drive off the ruffians.

2. Bamfurlong is near the Brandywine River, south of Stock.

You have done as Hammy Maggot requested. You should return to him at Bamfurlong to tell him the news.



Related Quests:


2 Lesser Essence of Athelas AND 3 Hard Biscuits


You'll find the brigands from the waterfall all the way up to Violet. Cross the water at the top of the smaller waterfall south of Woodhall, NOT the big one way up the river


Hammy Maggot

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