Level: 12

Difficulty: Group


Start: Talk to Langlas after completing To Avert A War. Langlas may be found at Thrasi's Lodge located at 21.7S, 94.2W. Then talk to Svanr. Svanr is easily found by following the road to Kheledul (he/she is near the start from the y intersection).

Bestowal Dialogue:
"We must not delay, (character name). We must rescue Avorthal from the Dourhands before they are able to set sail!"

"The Dourhands control the port-city of Kheledul, to the east, and the ship they plan to carry Avorthal is surely docked there. Kheledul is defended by a score of Dourhands, and it is a position of great strength. We cannot hope to attack it directly."

"If we are to have any hope of rescuing Avorthal from Kheledul, we will need the help of one who knows the city. I know a dwarf, a Longbeard named Svanr, who was harbour-master of the port before the Dourhands captured the city. You will find him to the east of here, not far from Kheledul."

Avorthal had been moved from the Dourhand encampment hwere he was being held and will soon be taken aboard a ship destined northward and beyond all hope of rescue.

1. Svanr may be found east of the hunter's lodge, not far from Kheledul.

Langlas told you that Svanr, the former harbour-master of Kheledul, can help you sneak into the city and onto the ship where Avorthal is being held.

2. Svanr is just ourside the port-city of Kheledul.

Svanr told you to gather allies and return to him when you are ready to sneak into Kheledul.

3. The Ranger Langlas is at the hunter's lodge, west of Kheledul.

Avorthal is located on a ship that is pretty much straight from the entrance.

Instead of going straight and fighting the Dourhands, try swimming. There is a set of stairs going down into the water to the right of the entrance. Follow the swimming route til you find the stairs to the ship. The swimming method is easier than going top side since the Dourhands fight in groups and not alone. I do recommend trying to have a Minstrel on board with small groups of 2-3 and with lower levels. The Dourhands have on average more than 400 HP. I was able to complete the quest with a total of 4 and no Minstrel, but it was a challenge (I was level 11 at the time).

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1 silver 5 copper


Langlas is at Thrasi's Lodge

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