Level: 08

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Michel Delving

Start: Assistant Fallohide

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Mayor Whitfoot set aside some money to refurbish Town Hole in Michel Delving, but it seems the carpenters haven't received it, and they won't work unless they are paid. One of the Mayor's other assistants, Griffo Boffin, was supposed to make sure the carpenters received the money. He hasn't shown up for work, though, and I'm worried that something has happened to him.

'He lives up in Needlehole, far to the north and beyond the Rushock Bog. Please visit Griffo, make sure he's all right, and then return here with the missing money. Griffo lives near the centre of Needlehole. The best way to get there is to head east to Waymeet, then follow the road north and west through Rushock Bog until you reach Needlehole.

'I would do it myself, but I'm responsible for making sure the Mayor's image remains untarnished, and...well, with Mayor Whitfoot, that's a job that takes more hours than there are in a day!'

Money that had been set aside to refurbish Town Hole in Michel Delving has gone missing, presumably stolen.

1. Griffo Boffin may be found at his home near the centre of Needlehole, to the north of Michel Delving. The easiest road to Needlehole runs north from Waymeet, the crossroads east of Michel Delving.

Mayor Whitfoot's assistant has asked you to investigate the disappearance of the money that was set aside for refurbishing Town Hole in Michel Delving.

2. The dwarves came out of the Rushock Bog to the east, between Needlehole and Overhill. Their camp is somewhere nearby, behind tall wooden bulwarks.

You spoke with Griffo Boffin about the missing money, as Assistant Fallohide requested, and discovered that ruffian dwarves may have stolen it. Griffo asked that you seek out the dwarves' camp, retrieve the money bag, and bring it to Assistant Fallohide in Michel Delving.

3. You found the missing money, so now it should be delivered to Assistant Fallohide in Michel Delving.



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