Level: 12

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Bree

Start: Chief Watcher Grimbriar

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Now, listen here. I don't much like these so-called Rangers who roam the country doing who knows what, and I'm not sure I trust them either. But still, I have to admit they do some good now and then. It may be that they know what's going on with these brigands and with this Sharkey character.

'I want you to bring this medallion over to a man named Saeradan. He has a cabin in the woods. It's a ways out of Bree to the north and a little to the east.

'Be careful. I've not met this Saeradan fellow myself and don't know if he can be trusted.'

After the discovery of the brigand-medallion, Chief Grimbriar has reluctantly asked you to go to the Ranger Saeradan and discuss the brigands' organization.

1. Saeradan has a cabin in the Bree-fields, north of Bree and a little east.

Grimbriar does not trust the Rangers, but wonders if Saeradan might not know a little more about the brigands. He has suggested that you take the medallion to the Ranger and learn what he has to say about it.

2. Defeat one of the Southern Lieutenants or Southern Leaders located in the Bree-fields and search his remains. There is a small band of brigands to the south-west of Saeradan's cabin, on Thornley's land.

Grimbriar asked you take the medallion you found to the Ranger Saeradan, but Saeradan proved unable to help you. He did suggest, however, that the brigand-captains may carry evidence that will illuminate the meaning of the medallion.

3. Saeradan remains at his cabin, east of Thornley's fields.

The threat described by the note you discovered on the brigand-captain seems far more serious than either Grimbriar or Saeradan may have realized. You should take the note back to Saeradan.



Related Quests:



This is the nearest Southern Leader to Saeradan's Cabin. He is located on the steps of one of the cottages at Dogwoods Farm


Southern Lieutenants are all over the place. This is one.


This is another.




Grimbriar can be found in the Bree Town Hall

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