Level: 41

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'If you are heading into the mountains, friend Elf, you should know the dangers that await you. All manner of creatures can be found among the drifts, bear and aurochs and mammoth, and they are more ferocious than their cousins in the low-lands.

'More dangerous even than these creatures of the wild are the deadly snowbeasts that prowl among the high ridges. When the snow flies about your head, listen for a howling in the air -- it may be more than the cry of the storm, and the claws of the snowbeast may be not far off!

'If your travels bring you to the source of the Bruinen, slay what snowbeasts you may. You will be making the mountain passes safer for those who must pass that way, if you are able to come back again.'

Malthenor has taken it upon herself to warn travellers passing into the mountains of the dangers that await within.

1. Snowbeasts can be found throughout the Misty Mountains, especially near the source of the Bruinen.

Malthenor has asked you to defeat snowbeasts wherever you encounter them.

2. Malthenor stands watch over the northern pass as it leaves Rivendell and winds into the Misty Mountains.

Malthenor will be pleased to hear that you have defeated many snowbeasts.



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