Ned Pruner

Bestowal Dialogue:
'You're the one what helped discover that old Calder here was a traitor, ain't ye? Ye have me thanks for that, friend! I was just talking to my Peg about that. You're quite a hero!

'Calder here could probably tell us a lot about what them Blackwolds are planning, if only he'd talk. Thing is, he's refusing to talk until he gets some better food, and he wants bilberry cakes. But me Peg don't have no bilberries to make the cakes.

'Could you maybe go out and pick a few piles of bilberries from the bushes near the Hunters' Lodge? The lodge lies at the end of the road leading east from Archet's gates. If I could just get some cakes, maybe then Calder would talk!'

Background The traitor, Calder Cob, refuses to speak with the gullible jailor, Ned Pruner, until he has some bilberry cakes.

Collect bilberries for Ned to make a pie for Calder to ease his lips.

Objective 1
Collect piles of bilberries [4]
Bilberry bushes grow near the Hunter's Lodge east of Archet.

Ned Pruner has asked you to gather enough bilberries to bake the cakes that Calder Cob demanded.

Objective 2
Bring the berries to Ned Pruner
Ned Pruner can be found at Archet's jail.

You collected the bilberries which Ned Pruner requested. You should return to Ned with the berries.

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