Once the primary keep of Minas Eriol, proud knights of the Kingdom of Arnor once issued forth from the gates of Ost Laden into the hills and plains below. Minas Eriol was one of the biggest city centers in the Lone Lands Region, Known as the richest of the forts in the Stone Necklace its walls were extremely thick and the defenses were perched on top of a very mountainous region of the Lone Lands which made it hard for attackers to siege the whole city and instead force them into a bottle neck making it easier for defenders to repel them. The City's banks held the wealth of all of the fortresses and towns in the Lone Land region which meant that it needed to have sound defensive and offensive capabilities. The Location already gave the city a very good defensive standpoint but the local foot soldiers could not muster fast enough to repel any serious invaders, and due to the rocky terrain it made maintaining a cavalry force like that of Naerost difficult. For this reason Brave nights from the kingdom of Arnor decided that they would come to the aide of the city. The knights provided the proper offensive capabilities that the city was lacking and for this reason Minas Eriol was decided to hold the money of the kingdom. The Keep Ost Laden was the strongest part of the defenses and the knights trained in the courtyard, The money was also kept safe in this area under the constant watch of the knights.

400px-Ost Laden

When the forces of Angmar swept through the land Ost Laden was a clear target due to the wealth that the city held. When the Angmarian forces began their seige of Naerost the city and all of its riches were evacuated to Ost Guruth. The knights then joined the defensive force at Ost guruth to repel the invaders. During the siege of Ost Guruth, Ost Laden was overun easily due to the forces being diverted to Ost Guruth. The defenses were broken and the banners fell. The days of the brave knights defending the walls were over. Now only Goblins jeer from the shatterred parapets, keeping a dark watch upon those few brave enough to travel into the Lone-Lands.

Deed: Defences of the Lone-lands

Lone-Lands: 34.3S, 37.7W Located in Lone Lands


Quests involving Ost Laden Edit

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