Level: 09

Difficulty: Duo

Location: Tuckborough

Start: Belco Brockhouse

Bestowal Dialogue:
'My pig, Old Sally, has run off again. Sometimes I think that pig is more trouble than she's worth. Always running off, eating like a horse and scared o' her own shadow! If I weren't so fond o' her, I would have made sausage out of her years ago!

'Usually when she runs off, it's down to the woods south-east o' here, by the big willow. If you find her, approach her carefully and bring her back to the barn here.

'Be careful though, she spooks easily, so if she sees anything while you are bringing her back, she might run off, and this time for good!'

Belco Brockhouse found a copy of the Founding Writ of the Shire, but will not give it up until he has received some services in return.

1. Belco Brockhouse's pig, Old Sally, may be found near the big willow south-east of Belco's farm.

Belco has asked you to find his pig, Old Sally, and bring her back to his barn. He warned you that she spooks easily, and if she gets too scared, she may run away.

2. Belco Brockhouse can be found south of the Tuckborough town centre.

You should speak with Belco Brockhouse and let him know that you led his pony, Old Sally, back to his barn.


I've noted the quest as a Duo - but it's entirely possible that you could do it solo.

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