Bestowal Dialogue:
'You there, perhaps you can help with a small dispute. While I was away among the barrows to the north-east hunting for loose trinkets, I saw an old, bony wight wandering about the mounds. Fortunately, it didn't notice me, but the sight fairly froze my blood.

'Now, my friend Galti doesn't believe me. He claims there are no barrow-wights out among the old Edain mounds, but he's been no further than the mounds near Gondamon, and those don't seem to be haunted at all. It's only the mounds off a ways to the north-east.

'You look doughty enough to face down a wight or two...perhaps you would go out to those barrows and collect a trophy to prove I wasn't seeing things? I will pay you for the service.'

The dwarf-merchant Nithi claims he saw a barrow-wight amidst the mounds to the north-east of Gondamon, but his friend Galti does not believe him.

The mounds of the old Edain are a distance to the north-east of Gondamon.

Nithi asked you to journey to the old Edain barrows and collect a trophy to prove to Galti that there are wights amidst the old mounds.

Any Wight in this area should drop the item needed.

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Data Entered By: Stip


Any Wight in this area should drop the item needed.

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