Level: 06

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Hobbiton

Start: Shirriff Smallburrow

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Welcome to Hobbiton, name. It's always nice to see new folk, and I think it's important to strengthen the bonds of friendship. I think you should call on Bounder Chubb in Needlehole and see if he has any work that needs doing. Needlehole has become such a busy place that it may require its own Shirriff soon!

'Needlehole is due north of Michel Delving, some distance past Little Delving, north-west of here. Don't be surprised if you find some dwarves there -- Needlehole is on the road to Ered Luin, and we've had more dwarf-traders coming through that way of late.

'You'll probably find Bounder Chubb on duty near the entrance to town.'

Shirriff Smallburrow believes you should become acquainted with the other Shirriffs and Bounders.

Bounder Chubb can be found on duty near the road leading into Needlehole, due north of Michel Delving, north-west of Hobbiton.

Shirriff Smallburrow has asked you to travel to Needlehole and offer your services to Bounder Chubb.



Related Quests:


Chubb's Helmet OR 3 Cooked Carrots


Bounder Chubb

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