Naerost was one of the first of the fortresses of the North Kingdom to fall when the Witch-king marched upon Amon Sul. The fortress was once home to a great kingdom of ancient men advised by Elves from the Trollshaws and outfitted by Dwarves from the mountains to the south. The city itself was surrounded by a large residential area which, through the ages, has long been weathered away. The Fortress and surrounding town were ruled by Numenorians who helped to bring peace the region from the brigands who controlled the Lone Lands. The Fortress and its soldiers swore loyalty to the protection of the other forts along the main trade roads in the lone lands (This string of forts was known as the Necklace of Stone due to
Naerost fortifications

A view of the remaining defenses from the low ground facing the imposing old tower.

the towering defenses that made up these fortresses.) The riders and soldiers of Naerost were famous for their ability to come to the aid of the other forts in a moments notice.

The soldiers were brave and strong and proved more than enough to take care of the brigands or wandering war parties, however their strength was not unlimited and when faced by the power of the forces of Angmar they stood no match. The defenders fought bravely to the last man fending off the enemy long enough for the women and children to flee into the mountains which stood tall on the Northside of the fort.

The once great halls of this fortress that were famous for music and tales of its soldiers are no more, the remains of the fortress are crumbling away with only the strongest areas of the fortifications remaining. Now half-orc brigands out of the South dwell within its ruined halls tainting the ground with their very steps. Rumors whisper from tavern to tavern that troops are moving to occupy the ruins and begin to rebuild the great halls and that rangers use the area as a staging ground for missions further west and as a waypoint while on the road. But for now the ruins remain barren as a stark reminder of the threat that the forces of Angmar pose to the rest of middle earth.

Deeds: Defences of the Lone-lands

Nain Enidh: 30.7S, 33.9W Located in Lone Lands


Quests involving Naerost Edit

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