Level: 10

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Frogmorton

Start: Odo Mudbottom

Bestowal Dialogue:
I've eaten at The Floating Log almost every night for the past twenty years, but now they're working on the roof, and if you try and eat there you get plaster falling into your dishes!

I refuse to eat there while the repairs are going on. I mean, honestly! I have my standards, and for mushroom pies I demand they be plaster-free! Is that too much to ask? I think not!

If you know a worthy cook, I'd pay you for two mushroom pies, with coins and goods. I still need to eat, you know!

Odo Mudbottom is distraught that his favourite eating-place, The Floating Log, is currently undergoing repairs to its roof.

Collect 2 Mushroom Pie

Odo Mudbottom is in Frogmorton.

Odo refuses to eat at The Floating Log while the repairs on the roof are underway, but he still wants his customary mushroom pies.



Related Quests:

1s 70c AND 6 Coarse Flour

3 Copper Ingot OR 3 Southlinch Seed


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