Level: 22

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Amon Raith, North Downs

Start: Agnes Martlet

Bestowal Dialogue:
'While you were away, I told that young Amarion that it wouldn't be long before we were out of his way, since the Wargs are sure to be driven soon from Annúndir. He didn't even manage a smile. Such a gloomy fellow!

'Well, When I told him you were taking care of the bear-hides for me, he seemed surprised. "The bears of Fornost have come into Annúndir? The deathly ones have come east?" I told him I didn't think so.

'But he couldn't take back his words, Stip, and if the bears on the Fields of Fornost are coming east, I don't want them coming to my farm! If you travel north-west, you are sure to find the bears of which he spoke.'

Agnes Martlet learned from Amarion that there is something wrong with the bears on the Fields of Fornost, and she is worried that some of them may find their way to her farm.

1. There are bears on the Fields of Fornost, north-west of Amon Raith.

Agnes Martlet has asked you to deal with the corrupted bears on the Fields of Fornost before they make their way to her farm.

2. Agnes Martlet is at Amon Raith, south-east of the Fields of Fornost.

Agnes will be pleased to hear that you have defeated many of the corrupted bears on the Fields of Fornost.



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