Level: 15

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Forsaken Inn

Start: Anlaf

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Good day, Minstrel. What do you need? Did I summon you? Anyways, it doesn't matter. My supplies have not come back from Bree. I sent a cart out a week ago -- or earlier -- I'm not sure anymore. But I did send a cart, I know that! Now where is it? Tell me that!

'The cart was travelling west towards Bree, and it should have come back by now! I want to know what happened to the supplies I sent and to the cart's driver. I hope it wasn't the goblins... there are so many of them here now.

'Will you help? Will you travel west towards Bree? Search both north and south and bring me any news you discover.'

A cart bound for Bree and due to return to the Forsaken Inn is several days overdue. The recent arrival of goblins and other foes has Anlaf the Forlorn worried that something happened to the cart and its driver.

1. Anlaf's missing cart travelled west towards Bree along the Great East Road.

Anlaf has asked that you search north and south of the cart's estimated route to learn its fate and the fate of its driver.

2. Anlaf is at the Forsaken Inn.

You discovered that the cart was destroyed, its supplies stolen, and the driver killed by the nearby goblins. Anlaf should be given this unfortunate news.



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