This once great fort was at one point the main deffense for the trade routes that connected the lands of Bree and the cities in the Lone Lands. The massive size of this fort and its surounding deffenses allowed for it to give the City of Bree a sense of security from any forces that might pose a threat. This Fort also boasted some of the first Hobbit deffenders to venture out of the Shire in order to protect the free peoples of middle earth. Today the ruins of the fort are spider-infested and are a very different site to what it used to be. The Forts location in the middle of the Midgewater Marsh made it a perfect position for the defenders. The deep marshy landscape made the land impasable to seige engines which forced the attackers to get very close in order to try and attack the fort. This strength also acted as the forts demise. When the forces of Angmar launched their offensive on this region the defenders in the fort were trapped inside which caused the forces to perish over the course of a week long siege. Today the fort is all buy uninhabited and It is rumoured that wandering Rangers frequent this ancient stronghold and use it as a waypoint and a defensive location from which to conduct counter raids against the forces of darkness.
400px-Marshwater Fort

This shot from the bottom of the defenses shows its massive size.

The player character goes to the Marshwater Fort in an attempt to discover the final surviving ranger in the marshes.

Deed: The Ruins of Breeland

Midgewater Marsh: 30.9S, 44.6W

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