Level: 22

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Ost Guruth

Start: Frideric The Elder

Bestowal Dialogue:
'You are a fine friend to the Eglain as is proven by your deeds on behalf of Hunulf and Gadaric. This is why I feel that I can share my concerns with you. Orcs came from the North and moved beneath cover of night into Ost Cyrn, the ruin beyond the road to the south and west. If you have spoken to Refr, then you know that these Orcs are in league with the dwarves occupying Thandobel.

'The threat of Orcs so close to Ost Guruth shakes the confidence of my people. We have suffered so much recently, and the rise of these ravening hordes has upset my people greatly.

'If you are willing to assist us, I would ask that you go to Ost Cyrn and make war upon the Orcs to show the Eglain that there are folk willing to aid us. What say you?'

Orcs bearing the standard of Angmar poured into the Lone-lands from the North and have occupied Ost Cyrn, a ruin south-west of Ost Guruth. Frideric the Elder has asked for you to defend the Eglain from an attack.

1. The Orcs can be found in the ruins of Ost Cyrn, south-west of Ost Guruth.

Frideric asked that you help defend the Eglain by assaulting the Orcs of Ost Cyrn.

2. Frideric the Elder awaits word of your success at Ost Guruth, north-east of Ost Cyrn.

You should return to Frideric the Elder with word of your victory.



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