Level: 36

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Trollshaws

Start: Arrod

Bestowal Dialogue:
'I have decided to craft a necklace for my Elf-maid, Stip, and though the feather you brought me is a fine addition, it is not yet enough.

'Lilies grow along the banks of the Loudwater, the Bruinen to the east, and any of them would be pretty enough for an Elf-swain to give his love. Mine is no ordinary love, Stip, and these white lilies will not be enough!

'Only a mauve lily of unsurpassing beauty will be lovely enough for my Elf-maid. Look for one somewhere along the Bruinen, and carefully -- lilies of such a shade are exceedingly rare!'

Arrod was pleased with the feather you brought him and has been inspired by it to craft a necklace for Narlinn.

1. A perfect lily grows somewhere along the Bruinen east of Arrod's post.

Arrod has asked you to bring him a perfect lily of exquisite beauty. No other kind will do.

2. Arrod is watching the road through the Bruinen Gorges from his vantage point near a set of hilltop ruins, west of the Bruinen.

Arrod will be delighted to see that you have found a lily of exquisite beauty.



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