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Level: 07

Difficulty: Solo


Start: Toronn

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Long have my brother and I dwelt upon these shores and much have we seen in that time. Now the time has come for us to leave this place and sail into the West.

'My brother, however, does not see clearly and wishes to remain here. We have always dwelt together, and I could not consider a day in my life without his company and counsel. He is the cord which binds me to this Middle-earth. While he is of a mind to remain, I am forced to wait for him.

'If you would, go to Duillond and see if you can convince Bregar to join me here at Celondim. It is time we begin our journey. The refuge is north along the road.'

Background: Toronn wants to leave Middle-earth and journey into the West to the Undying Lands, but will not leave as long as his brother, Bregar, refuses to leave.

Objective: 1. Bregar is at Duillond, north of Celondim. Toronn has asked you to try to convince Bregar to accompany him into the West.

2. The red-leafed tree is at the foot of the mountain range north-west of Duillond. Bregar asks that you collect a fallen leaf from a particular tree and bring it to Toronn. He hopes the leaf will remind his brother why they should not yet depart Middle-earth.

3. Toronn is on the porch of his dwelling near the docks at Celondim, south of Duillond. Bregar has asked that you bring the fallen leaf to his brother, Toronn. He hopes the leaf will remind his brother why they should not yet depart Middle-earth.

Walkthrough: The leaf is at 22.8S, 94.4W

Related Quests:

Reward: 395XP


The Red Leafed Tree

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