Level: 16

Difficulty: Group

Location: Bree

Start: Lalia

Bestowal Dialogue:
'I came here to find "The Last Prince," like Mr. Butterbur talks about in his stories. I was going to find him, and then be with him forever and be his princess! But he wasn't here to be found! There's just all these skeletons and bones and walking dead! It isn't nice to go misleading young hobbits like that!

'When you are ready to go, could you help me get back home to Bree? I couldn't leave before, but now with a strong warrior like you here, I'm sure you can get me home safely!

'Oh, and I lost my cloak. I simply must find it or dad will yell at me something terrible!'

You've come across a very frightened Hobbit girl, Lalia, on the Barrow-downs. She's asked for your help in getting back to Bree and her father, Bob, who works for Barliman Butterbur at The Prancing Pony.

1. You must take Lalia to the north-gate of the Barrow-downs.

Lalia has asked you to help her get back to Bree safely. In addition, she has asked for your help finding the cloak she dropped somewhere on the Barrow-downs. You must protect her as she searches for her cloak, then leaves the Barrow-downs.

2. Bob can be found at The Prancing Pony in Bree.

You have helped Lalia make her way home, and as thanks she has given you her cloak. She has asked you to bring her cloak to her father, Bob, Barliman Butterbur's assistant, as proof that she is safe.

A typical escort quest. But you'll need to find quite a few things along the way. Several bosses.


Related Quests:


Guardian Of Lalia OR Defender Of Lalia OR Lalia's Champion

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You'll find tiny little Lalia quivering in fear



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