Level: 22

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Trestlebridge

Start: Kemp the Wheelwright

Bestowal Dialogue:
'So you be helping out Marla there, are ye? Maybe ye'd do something for me too, eh? Don't mind spilling a little more Orc-blood, do ye?

'At my age, I learned there ain't no shame in asking for help. Them Orcs need a little justice brought down on them, but I'm too old to be doing it myself. Ye, look like ye got a strong arm. If ye go out and kill a few of the Orcs from the tribe what attacked Trestlebridge, I'll give ye a reward.

'Don't matter where ye find them, just as long as they are of that Tarkrîp tribe, the same that been attacking my town.'

Kemp, the old wheelwright, seeks revenge against the Orcs that attacked Trestlebridge.

1. The Tarkrîp, the tribe of Orcs that attacked Trestlebridge, can be found throughout the North Downs. Their main encampment is likely to be near the town.

Kemp the Wheelwright asked you to exact his revenge upon the Orcs of the Tarkrîp tribe.

2. Kemp the Wheelwright can be found in Trestlebridge.

You should bring Kemp the Wheelwright word of your success.



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Kemp's Stash



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