Dirk Mudbrick

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Well, since I already opened my mouth, I guess I should explain myself a little. I mentioned to the Captain that the Blackwolds seemed a bit stronger than we'd been told, and that we ought to listen to Jon and spy out their camp. If we'd done that, we might have stopped them from grabbing them two hobbits.

'Now, when I says this, the Captain re-assigns me from gate-duty to watching these sheep here. I see brigands making their way through the woods here and there, and I can't help thinking that they are trying to get a good look at us.

'We need to know what they've learned and what they're up to. If ye can, confront one of their spies and see what ye can discover. Bring me any orders or messages ye find. I swear I some of their spies sneaking about to the southeast, between here and Browne's Folly.'

The Blackwolds have sent spies to appraise the situation in Archet, which has become a cause of concern for Dirk Mudbrick.

Defeat and search a Blackwold spy to discover the Blackwold's plans for the fate of Archet.

Objective 1
Defeat a Blackwold Spy and search him
Blackwold spies may be found to the south-east of the sheep-farm, between the farm and Bronwe's Folly.

Dirk Mudbrick wants to discover what the Blackwold spies have learned. He has asked you to confront one of the spies and recover any orders or messages he might be carrying.

Objective 2
Bring the blackwold orders to Dirk Mudbrick
Dirk Mudbrick can be found at the sheep-farm south and west of Archet.

Dirk Mudbrick will be anxious to read the orders you found on the Blackwold spy. You should bring them to him as quickly as possible.

Objective 3
Deliver the Blackwold orders to Captain Brackenbrook
Captain Brackenbrook can be found inside The Mad Badger Inn, north of the Archet gate.

Dirk Mudbrick sent you to Captain Brackenbrook with the orders you found on the Blackwold Spies.

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