Jon Brackenbrook

Bestowal Dialogue:
'If Archet is to survive the Blackwolds' attack, they must have time to better prepare their defences. We must give them that time.

'The Blackwolds have established an encampment among the ruins to the south, which some call "Blackwolds' Roost." While you go there and distract the Blackwolds, my hunters and I will help my father prepare for their attack.

'Quickly now, we haven't any time to spare!'

Jon Brackenbrook is eager to help his father in the defence of Archet, but time is still needed to fully prepare the defences.

Create a distraction at the blackwolds roost to create more time to work on Archet's defences.

Objective 1
Defeat brigands at the Blackwolds’ Roost [6]
Blackwolds' Roost lies among the ruins south of the Hunter's Lodge.

Jon Brackenbrook has asked you to provide a distraction by engaging the brigands at their encampment, Blackwolds' Roost.

Objective 2
Talk to Jon Brackenbrook
Jon Brackenbrook can be found in the Hunter's Lodge, east of Archet, north of Blackwolds' Roost.

You engaged the Blackwolds as Jon Brackenbrook requested, but only time will tell if your efforts were enough. You should return to Jon with your report.

Related Quests:

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Selectable Rewards


Cloth Hat


Leather Helmet

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