Bestowal Dialogue:
'It appears you are prepared for battle, (character name). You should make your way to the sheep farm south and west out of Archet's gate. Seek Dirk Mudbrick and tell him that you are there to assist him at the behest of Captain Brackenbrook.

'If the wolves are truly threatening the sheep, then we should do what we can to assist the people here in Archet.

'Also, if you have not spoken to her yet, Celandine Brandybuck could use your help. I have asked her to help me treat my wound as if it were poisoned and will need athelas, or "kingsfoil" as it is commonly known. Might I ask that you help her in this as well?'

Amdir has asked you to see to the defence of Archet by helping Captain Brackenbrook.

Aid Dirk Mudbrick in the defence of the sheep by killing the wolves that prey on them.

Objective 1
Talk to Dirk Mudbrick
Dirk Mudbrick defends a farm south and west out the front gate of Archet.

Amdir told you to speak with Dirk Mudbrick and offer him your services, as Captain Brackenbrook originally instructed you.

Objective 2
Defeat wolves near Archet [6]
Wolves can be found east and south of the farm.

Dirk Mudbrick is charged with guarding the sheep-farm outside of Archet and is pleased to be receiving help from Captain Brackenbrook.

Objective 3
Talk to Dirk Mudbrick
Dirk Mudbrick can be found at the sheep-farm south and west from Archet.

You should return to Dirk Mudbrick with news of your success.

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