Celandine Brandybuck

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Oh, hello! Thank you again for your help the other night. I shudder to think what might have happened if you hadn't freed me!

'While he's putting on a brave face, I am quite worried about Amdir's knife-wound. I asked how I could help, and he told me of some sort of remedy from the Old Kings involving some plant called "athelas." He said I might know it as kingsfoil, but I've always thought that was naught but a weed. He says that some grows outside of Archet, but I'm afraid of the wolves and Men that prowl out there.

'Amdir said the kingsfoil could be found south of Archet, near some old ruins the men call "Bronwe's Folly." After you gather some of the leaves, could you bring them back here to me?'

The Ranger Amdir told you that he had asked Celandine Brandybuck to gather an herb called "athelas" to make a remedy for his wound, in case the blade was poisoned.

Collect athelas leaves from Bronwe's Folly to slow the poison of Amdir's wound.

Objective 1
Gather kingsfoil leaves [4]
Kingsfoil grows south of Archet, near some old ruins called Bronwe's Folly.

Celandine Brandybuck, too frightened to pass beyond the gates of Archet, has asked you to collect kingsfoil leaves for her, so that she can prepare the remedy Amdir asked her to make.

Objective 2
Bring the kingsfoil leaves to Celandine Brandybuck
Celandine Brandybuck can be found with Amdir outside The Mad Badger Inn in Archet.

You have gathered enough leaves for Amdir's remedy. You should return with them to Celandine Brandybuck.

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