Mundo Sackville-baggins
Kate Henseed

Bestowal dialogue 1:
Mundo Sackville-Baggins
Gracious, just look where they want me to stay! This is nothing like home. And they say I can't go home until those Blackwold fellows are dealt with. This is outrageous!

Well, I don't need you hanging about now, bothering me. Go talk to that Amdir fellow. He's sitting just south of here.

I've no interest in sharing my troubles with the likes of you. Now leave me be!

Bestowal dialogue 2:
Kate Henseed
Oh, hello there! You are the one who came with that Ranger, Amdir, the other night, aren't you? What a tale he told of your adventure. You must be quite brave!

Oh, don't mind my blather! I think Amdir wanted to speak with you. Last I saw him, he was resting on the ground just south of here, around the corner of the big building there.

He looked awfully pale. That hurt he took must be worse than it looked.

After rescuing you from the Blackwold brigands and a mysterious Black Rider, the Ranger Amdir brought you to the village of Archet in the Chetwood, east of Bree-town. The town, under threat of attack, prepares a defence against the Blackwolds.

Talk to Amdir.
Amdir may be found resting on the ground near the centre of Archet, outside The Mad Badger Inn.

The Ranger Amdir has spread word that he wishes to speak with you.

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