Bestowal Dialogue:
'You've been a big help to me, (player). Something about you tells me you could be a great help to many. If you are looking to further your charitable nature, you may want to speak with Captain Heathstraw in Bree-town.

'The good Captain is very much in the know of problems facing Bree. What with the refugees coming from the south and all the whispers of the rising dark, I think he's got a fair share of details to keep track of, poor fellow.

'You can find him through the Staddle-gate of Bree standing near the Boar Fountain in the Market Square.'

Lolo Wendingway mentioned that Bree-town is aflutter with rumours of shadows growing and refugees pouring in from the south. He told you to seek out Captain Heathstraw if you were looking to continue your assistance of Bree-land.

Captain Heathstraw can be found near the Boar Fountain in the centre of the Market Square in Bree-town.

Lolo Wendingway mentioned that the Captain may have some knowledge of people needing things done throughout Bree.


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Lolo Wendingway

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