Level: 08

Difficulty: Group



Bestowal Dialogue:
'Are you ready to depart?'

You have travelled with Ulfar to the outskirts of the dwarf camp in the Rushock Bog. There you hope to put an end to the dwarf Olwir's plan to capture a Stone-troll and give it as a gift to the dwarf Skorgrím in the north.

1. Speak to Ulfar and then defend him as he delves deeper into the dwarf camp.

2. Ulfar has been wounded in the battle. Speak to him to see what he would have you do.

3. Ulfar has told you to continue on, deeper into the dwarf camp, without him and slay the Stone-troll, if you find one.

Ulfar was wounded in the fighting and was unable to continue on with you. He told you though that the Stone-troll must be slain, and to be on the watch for Olwir, as he will surely try to stop you from slaying the beast.

4. With the Stone-troll and Olwir dead, return to the wounded Ulfar and tell him what happened.



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