Level: 15

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Hengstacer Farm

Start: Cam Applewood

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Hullo, there. If you're here about our horses, I'm afraid we don't loan them out to just anyone. These horses are built for speed, not heavy labour. In fact, that reminds of something.

'A dwarf came to the farm and requested some horses. Not sure what he intended to do with them, but by the looks of him he needed some pack animals. I told him that our horses weren't for hire, and he left in a huff.

'Seemed a bit peculiar, he did not seem quite right in the head. If you have time, perhaps you can check up on the old fellow. I saw him wander off to the ruins south-east of here.'

Cam Applewood works on a horse-farm called Hengstacer in the Bree-fields. He was approached by a dwarf who wanted to hire some horses for an expedition.

The old dwarf was last seen walking to the old ruins to the south-east.

Cam asked you to check up on an old dwarf who wanted to explore the ruins near Hengstacer.



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The dwarf you're looking for is named Oddvarr

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