Level: 09

Difficulty: Solo

Location: [[Tuckborough] outskirts

Start: Polo Proudfoot

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Hallo there! I wonder if you can help me out for a few minutes. I've had problems with bears from the hills nearby raiding my beehives for honey. I need someone who isn't afraid of bears to fend them off and protect the hives.

'My hives are right over there. The bears have killed the bees in all the hives except the middle one. I have it closed right now to protect the bees, but they'll be in trouble soon if the hives aren't opened. If you'll help me, I'll open the hive, and I'm sure the bears will soon return.'

Farmer Polo Proudfoot has had trouble with bears raiding his beehives and killing his bees.

1. Farmer Proudfoot closed his hives to protect his bees from marauding honey-bears, but they cannot be kept closed or harm will still come to his bees. He has asked you to fend off any bears that are drawn to the honey.

2. Now that you've driven off the bears, talk to Polo Proudfoot again for your reward.

There are just two waves of level 8 bears to fight off. 3 bears in each spawn.


Related Quests:


Fine Dagger OR 5 Eggs and Onions


Polo Proudfoot

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