Level: 05

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Michel Delving

Start: Rollo Newbuck

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Hello there! You wouldn't mind helping me out with a game of Hiders and Seekers, would you? You see, my friends Daisy and Polo have convinced me to play, even though they always hide in the same places! It isn't nearly as much fun when your friends are so unimaginative, as I'm sure you realize.

'It would be fantastic if you could round them up for me. I'll give you a coin or two if you help me out, but I don't know how many more times I can pretend to be surprised that Daisy is hiding in the bushes next to Peony Grubb's home, or that Polo is crouched behind the carved statue of Marcho and Blanco.

'You'll find the statue carved on a large tree stump just south of here, and I'm sure that Polo Brockhouse is hiding right by it. South-east of the statue, there's a small hill with several hobbit-houses behind a wooden fence -- Daisy thinks the bushes to the right of Peony Grubb's house are a clever place to hide. Find my friends for me, and next time I'll try and tell them I don't feel like playing Hiders and Seekers!'

Rollo Newbuck has been asked to play Hiders and Seekers with his friends, Daisy and Polo Brockhouse, but their unimaginative hiding places have made him lose interest in the game.

1. Polo Brockhouse is hiding behind the carved wooden statue of Marcho and Blanco in the centre of Michel Delving. His sister Daisy is hiding south-east of the carving, in the bushes to the right of Peony Grubb's home.

Rollo Newbuck is playing Hiders and Seekers with his friends, but they always hide in the same places, and he is tired of pretending to be surprised every time he finds them.

2. Rollo Newbuck is north of the carved statue of Marcho and Blanco at the centre of Michel Delving, within the circle of hedges that surround Town Hole.

Rollo is waiting to hear that you found Polo and Daisy Brockhouse.

1.Head to the large statue in the middle of Michle Delving

2.Go a very short distance north of the statue and talk to Rollo

3.Head south-east to the houses on a small hill-rise and talk to Daisy in the bushes that are right of the houses

4.Return to finish the quest and collect your reward


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