Level: 23

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Ost Guruth

Start: Frideric The Elder

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Stip, if you are to assist us, then you must know what has transpired thus far.

'Hana, a girl within our encampment, visited the swamp to the north and east. She discovered an ancient relic lying out upon one of the ruins. We collect that which the ruins offer, as you know, and she thought nothing of consequences, as we have never seen reprisal.

'On this day there was something different in the swamp, something stirred and frightened the girl so that she now has fits in her sleep. I fear for her, friend. Will you find Hana and speak with her to discover what visions plague her dreams?'

Frideric asked that you speak with Hana The Young in Ost Guruth. Since visiting the swamp north-east of Ost Guruth, the girl has had terrible dreams.

Hana can be found within Ost Guruth, near the tower at the end of the main avenue.

Frideric the Elder informed you that Hana the Young took an object from the swamp and that her dreams since that time fill her with terror. He asked that you speak with the girl to discover what her nightmares entail.



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