Tyrn Lhuig


Bestowal Dialogue:
'You have done well hunting vermin, Southron, but let us see if you can handle more substantial prey.

'The giant turtles of Malenhad are valued by my people both for their meat, which is edible, and for their shells. They can be deadly foes at close quarters, and if you fight them, you may damage their shells before you manage to kill them.

'I will pay for both their shell plates and meat if you think you are up to the challenge. The turtles live throughout this part of the swamp.

Malenhad is home to turtles of enormous size, which the Hillmen value for their edible meat and tremendous shells.

Kill turtles throughout Malenhad and gather their meat and shells.

Collect - - Turtle Meat
Collect - - Turtle Shell plates
The turtles live throughout the western reaches of Malenhad. Othran is at Tyrn Lhug, in the south-west corner of Malenhad.

Othran has offered to pay you for the meat and shell plates of the giant turtles of Malenhad.

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