Level: 26

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'When the Stone-trolls learn that Elves have returned to Lin Giliath, they are sure to attack again. There are too few of us, and we cannot hold out long. There is one defence which we can call upon, but there is no certainty that those I speak of will still answer the summons.

'I give you these runes -- "canel" they are called -- and ask you to lay them upon the pedestal stones found throughout the marshes. Long ago, many of these stones were set east of Lin Giliath in a great curve bending to the south, but only three have survived the ravages of time and the elements. We must hope the guardians remember the meaning of the "canel".

'Return to me when you have placed all the runes, and we will learn if the errand was for naught.'

Medlichen is concerned that the Stone-trolls will return when they learn that Elves have come back to Lin Giliath and believes that they should bolster their defences.

1. The first pedestal is east of Lin Giliath, and two others are to the south of it in a great curve through the marsh.

Medlichen has given you several runes to place on the stone pedestals throughout Meluinen, which he hopes will bring the glade's guardians to its defence.

2. Medlichen is in Lin Giliath.

Medlichen is waiting to hear of your successful placement of the canel upon the stone pedestals throughout Meluinen.



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All three locations noted

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