Gondor is one of the many starting places for the race of man. Gondor has been known as the unofficial capital of man. In the earlier ages the white walls and towers of the Gondorian defenses could be seen as symbols of hope. The mountains that border this region are homes to some of the greatest strongholds that have been constructed by men. The walls are thick and built strong they have withstood countless sieges. The bright white walls and towers would shine in the sun and the blue banner adorned with the white tree would be brandished representing the white city known as Minas Tirith. These white walls have gradually grayed due to the soot and ash from the fires found in the dark lands of Mordor just to the east.


Views from the ruins of Osgiliath one of the many strongholds

As the capital city of Gondor Minas Tirith is a multilayered city that has stood the test of time and has been continuously garrisoned by troops for ages. Minas Tirith is not the only proud city Osgilith, and the old cities all boasted great histories and speciality troops that helped to repell the dark armies of Mordor. Today the cities are banding together to continue to repel the forces. 

Gondor map

Map of the Region of Gondor.

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