Level: 10

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Brockenborings

Start: Halros

Bestowal Dialogue:
'While I am not from the Shire, my kindred are sworn to defend its folk against all threats. I am what the folk of Bree would call a Ranger. If you will aid me in my task, you will have my gratitude, name.

'The goblin encampment must be somewhere to the north, but I have not yet had an opportunity to track these goblins. We should each set out in opposite directions and search the north Greenfields. If you find the encampment, thin their numbers as much you can, then return here to my camp. I will do the same.

'For the sake of the good folk who make their homes in this peaceful place, I hope we find the lair of these goblins, Orcbait.'

Halros has defeated a scouting party of goblins in the Greenfields and believes that the creatures have established a foothold somewhere to the north.

1. The goblin encampment is either to the north-east or north-west of Halros's camp.

Halros told you he had not had a chance to track the origin of the goblins he defeated and has asked you to help him search for their camp. He also instructed you to thin their numbers as much as you can.

2. Halros is camped east of Brockenborings, at the end of the stone wall.

Halros sent you to search for the goblins' camp at one corner of the north Greenfields, while he searched the other. He will be pleased to hear that you have discovered the location of the goblin encampment and defeated some of the goblins there.



Related Quests:


Goluechor OR Halros' Longsword


The goblin encampment is all around here. From Halros, go west around the hills



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