Level: 37

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'Greetings, traveller. It is not often that we receive visitors here, so far from the open roads, but you are welcome to stay a little while if you wish. Take care around Longbough, however. He is a bit short-tempered for an Onod and has little trust for the folk of Eriador. In fact, if you would gain his trust, then there is a small matter with which you might aid us.

'An unusual tribe of Men called the Gauredain have recently come down from the mountains to the north and have begun to hunt these lands. Thus far they seem little more than savages, but they are hostile to most whom they meet, and I have no intention of allowing them to disturb us here in the Eavespires. Nevertheless, my husband Lithuifin frowns on unnecessary slaughter; therefore, I wish to learn more about the Gauredain before I take further steps to drive them away -- but it falls to me to maintain the watch upon this grove, and I have little time for such expeditions.

'If you could surreptitiously gather a few artifacts from their encampments in the hills north of here and bring them to me, I might learn a good deal more about them, for I have dealt with a great many tribes of Men and others in my years, and many of their customs and symbols are familiar to me.'

Erchiel, an Elf living in Eavespires, has asked you to enter the lands of the Gauredain to the north and collect some artifacts from their encampments there that she might better understand the threat as they intrude further south into the forests.

1. Erchiel has asked you to collect various artifacts from the camps of the Gauredain.

The Gauredain camps lie in the hills to the north of the Eavespires.

2. You should return to Erchiel with the Gauredain artifacts.

She can be found at the Eavespires, south of the Gauradan encampments.



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Superior Spiced Apple Pie OR Superior Stew Of Kings


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