Level: 41

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'Listen, little one. You are brave to come here and help us. Maybe if you are fighting Orcs and flying bat-women anyway, you will do us another service? We eat the fruits of the earth -- root vegetables -- that grow in the gorges to the east, the old little people call it Duvairë. But now the Orcs and flying bat-women make it hard for us to gather them. If you are there killing, maybe you can bring us some vegetables, too?'

The Earth-kin are fond of a certain kind of tuber that grows in the gorges in the east side of Ram Dúath in the Duvairë -- the places now frequented by the Orkish-army and merrevail.

The root vegetables grow in the gorges on the east side of Ram Dúath in the Duvaire.

Eetu has asked you to gather vegetables for the Earth-kin of the Suuri-lehma.



Related Quests:


Root Finders


They're more prevalent in the merrevail area, but you'll find a few over by the siege weapons.

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