Level: 14

Difficulty: Solo



Bestowal Dialogue:
'Now I'll help that Kenton Thistleway by forging another sword, but with two conditions. First one is that if that brigand don't come around, looking for the sword, I get it back. Second, Thistleway gives me a hand and does some of the simpler work I've got piling up around here, while I forge the new blade.

'Here, take these things over to him to work on. The axe needs a new haft, the bellows need new leather, and the helm needs to be reshaped and reinforced. Take that over to Kenton and tell him if he gets it done, and I'm happy with the work, we'll call it even on the cost of the two swords.

'Now off with you, I've got to get to work on this new blade.'

Worried that the brigand Blake will come looking for his sword and, not finding it, will harm his family. Kenton Thistleway asked you to speak with Lofar Ironband about forging a new blade. Lofar reluctantly agreed, but wants something from Kenton in return.

1. Kenton Thistleway can be found among the forges near Bree's West-gate.

Lofar Ironband has agreed to forge a new blade for Kenton Thistleway, but in exchange Lofar has given you three items to take to Kenton for him to repair. The dwarf said that if he likes Kenton's work, he will call it even on the cost of the two swords he is having to make.

2. Flint Oakhewer lives on the north-east corner of this street. Boars can be found all over on the outskirts of Bree-town. The relic-laden debris piles are near the mounds north of the Barrows Outlook in the Barrow-downs.

Kenton can repair the items you brought from Lofar, but needs your help gathering the materials he needs. Speak to Flint Oakhewer about iron straps to repair the helm. For the bellows, gather three flawless boar hides. Finally, search the debris in the Barrow-downs for trinkets he can use to decorate the axe haft.

3. Kenton Thistleway can be found among the other smiths in Bree, down the road from the West-gate.

Kenton Thistleway sent you to gather materials he can use to finish his work for Lofar Ironband. You should return to Kenton at once with the materials you found.


The trinkets are found on the "doorlike" entrances to the barrow mounds.

The boars can be found all over the Breeland fields.


Related Quests:


Thistleway's Shirt




The trinkets are in the debris piles. The piles will respawn and you can grab from them again.


Kenton Thistleway


Lofar Ironband


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