Level: 11



Start:Falco Greenhand

Bestowal Dialogue:
'Now that Constable Bolger is safe, I can tell you more of the story. Jasper Mudbottom is the Blackwold that came to me and got me to help them. Since then, I've felt terrible and the farm has suffered as my guilt grew within me.

'Jasper used to live here in Staddle, but joined with the Blackwolds, returning shortly before Archet burned. When he came back he was changed. Something very different about him...stronger and mean-spirited.

'If you stopped him, I might be able to get back to growing the best pipeweed in all of Bree-land! Jasper lives in that fort south of here beyond Yellow Tree. He'll be too strong for you to face alone.'

Falco confided that he was originally pressured by a man named Jasper Mudbottom. Mudbottom is a powerful brigand located at the Yellow Tree ruins, south beyond the Staddle farms.

1. Jasper Mudbottom is at the Yellow Tree Ruins, south of the Staddle farms.

Falco Greenhand has asked you to put a stop to the Blackwold brigand, Jasper Mudbottom. He suggested you take friends.

2. Falco Greenhand is at his farm in Staddle, north of the Yellow Tree Ruins.

You should return to Falco Greenhand with news of your victory over Jasper Mudbottom

Jasper is in the back of Ost Baranor. He's elite and quite tough for his level. He has about 1500 hit points.

You may reach Ost Baranor by heading southwest out of Staddle and head towards The Yellow Tree. You can see the ruins from there.

Related Quests:


Your choice of several pieces of armor and weapons.

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