Level: 22

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Trestlebridge

Start: Elsie Woodruff

Bestowal Dialogue:
'You see, the other thing needed for the barricades is wood. In the past we would fell trees in the Nan Wathren when we needed lumber, but now the Orcs lurk there.

'We were so desperate for lumber that my husband, Mattie, and my brother, Noll Tobbit, risked leaving Trestlebridge and went north along the Greenway proper in search of trees to fell. It has been too long since I've heard from them, and I'm worried something terrible has happened.

'Would you search north along the Greenway for them? I can't bear to think that something bad might have happened to them.'

Elsie Woodruff told you that her husband, Mattie, and her brother, Noll, left Trestlebridge in search of trees to fell for the barricades.

Mattie Woodruff and Noll Tobbit should be found somewhere along the Greenway north out of Trestlebridge.

Elsie told you that she hasn't heard from either her husband Mattie or Noll Tobbit, her brother, since they left and asked you to look for them.



Related Quests:

  1. Felling Trees
  2. Salvage A Wheel
  3. All's Well



Mattie Woodruff

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