Bestowal Dialogue:
'Ah, what troubled times we live in. Brigands have been raiding people's homes in Archet, Staddle, and Combe. Deplorable! Some of the poor folk have made their way here to Bree and told me their sad tales.

'Now I'd like nothing more than to help them but I'm just not made for adventures. Why don't you track down these villains and bring the stolen family heirlooms to me. Then I can return them to the rightful owners, the poor wretches. Just think of the looks on their faces!

'I hear there are brigands encamped in the Yellow Tree Ruins, south of Staddle.'

Bruner Stoutthrush, a disreputable seeming gentleman from Bree, has decided to do a good deed for the refugees from the Blackwold attacks.

The brigands can be found in a large camp in the Yellow Tree Ruins, south of Staddle.

Whether as an act of beneficence or complete self-interest, Stoutthrush has asked you to collect stolen heirlooms from the brigands and bring them to him at Bree's Combe-gate.

The Heirlooms can be found on just about any Brigand. I collected mine while working on quests in the Chetwood, near the main Blackwold encampment.

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Bruner Stoutthrush


Yellow Tree

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