Level: 23

Difficulty: Solo

Location: Amon Raith, North Downs

Start: William Peake

Bestowal Dialogue:
'When Camilla and me fled from the Wargs, I tried to bring one chest with me -- it contains an heirloom I received from my father. In me fear, I let the box slip through my grasp. Fortune smiled then and a farmhand took up the box and fled. Camilla and me ran south into the goblins. The farmhand ran here.

'Camilla and me arrived to find the farmhand trying to pry the box open. When he saw us coming he leapt up and ran north, taking an awful tumble down the hill here. I gave chase until Amarion caught me and begged me to let the box go. Amarion said to trust you. He saved me you see; so I trust him. I know it might seem petty, but the gift my father give me is important to me, Stip.

'My farmhand run off towards Amon Amrun, north and a bit east of Amon Raith. Please, find him and my heirloom.'

William Peake lost a chest containing an heirloom of his family when he and his wife fled from the Wargs invading Annúndir.

1. William Peake's chest was stolen by a farmhand who fled north towards the ruins upon Amon Amrûn.

William Peake has asked you to find his heirloom chest and the farmhand who stole it.

2. William Peake awaits the return of the heirloom chest at Amon Raith, south of Amon Amrûn.

In the middle of the ruin of Amon Amrûn, you discovered the grisly scene of the farmhand dead near William Peake's chest. You should return at once to Amon Raith with the chest.



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